Title ID Type
Title ID Number
Name Type Content ID
TerRover Demo Demo UP9000-NPUA80191_00-0810TERROVERQORE
Calling All Cars™ Full Game - Qore™ Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-CALLINGALLCARS01
DiRT 2™ Demo Demo UP9000-NPUA80191_00-DIRT2DEMOFORQORE
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Demo Demo UP9000-NPUA80191_00-FEAR2DEMOFORQORE
Flock! Demo Demo UP9000-NPUA80191_00-FLOCKDEMOFORQORE
Qore® Shadow/Ico Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-ICOTHEME00000001
Qore Presents inFAMOUS Comic - Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-INFAMOUSCOMIC001
Journey™ Static Theme for download with Qore® Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-JOURNEYTHEME0001
Killzone®3 Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-KILLZONE3THEME00
LittleBigPlanet™ Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-LITTLEBIGTHEME01
Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-MEDMOVESTHEME001
MotorStorm™: Pacific Rift Demo Demo UP9000-NPUA80191_00-MS2DEMOFORQORE04
NARUTO™ Ultimate Ninja® Storm Demo Demo UP9000-NPUA80191_00-NARUTOSTORMDEMO1
Qore® Ultimate Arqade Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREARQADE000001
Qore® Arqade Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREARQADE000002
Qore™ Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP00308THEME
MotorStorm™: Pacific Rift Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP00608THEME
Killzone®2 Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP00708THEME
Killzone®2 Theme 2 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP00808THEME
inFAMOUS Good Karma Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP012THEME01
inFAMOUS Bad Karma Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP013THEME01
Battlefield™ 1943 Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP014THEME01
Ninja Gaiden® Sigma 2 Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP015THEME01
UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves™ September Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP016THEME01
Ratchet and Clank® Future: A Crack in Time Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP017THEME01
UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves™ October Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP017THEME02
Blasto Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP018THEME01
ModNation™ Racers Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP018THEME02
White Knight Chronicles™ Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP019THEME01
The Mark of Kri™ Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP019THEME02
Heavy Rain® Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP020THEME01
Dante's Inferno™ Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP020THEME02
Yakuza™ 3 Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP021THEME01
Battlefield Bad Company 2™ Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP021THEME02
Dead to Rights® Retribution Theme for Qore™ Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP022THEME01
3D Dot Game Heroes™ Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP023THEME01
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands™ Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP024THEME01
Clash of the Titans Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP025THEME01
Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom™ Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP026THEME01
Splatterhouse® Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP027THEME01
Veronica Belmont Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP028THEME01
Audrey Cleo Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREEP029THEME01
Qore™ Annual Subscription - June 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS00113X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - July 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS00213X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - August 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS00313X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - September 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS00413X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - October 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS00513X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - November 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS00613X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - December 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS00713X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - January 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS00813X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - February 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS00913X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - March 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS01013X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - April 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS01113X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - May 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS01213X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - June 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS01313X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - July 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS01413X2008
Qore™ Annual Subscription - August 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS01513X2009
Qore™ Annual Subscription - September 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS01613X2009
Qore™ Annual Subscription - October 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS01713X2009
Qore™ Annual Subscription - November 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS01813X2009
Qore™ Annual Subscription - December 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS01913X2009
Qore™ Annual Subscription - January 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS02013X2009
Qore™ Annual Subscription - February 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS02113X2009
Qore™ Annual Subscription - March 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS02213X2009
Qore™ Annual Subscription - April 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS02313X2009
Qore™ Annual Subscription - May 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS02413X2009
Qore™ Annual Subscription - June 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS02513X2009
Qore™ Annual Subscription - July 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS02613X2009
Qore® Annual Subscription - August 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS02713X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - September 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS02813X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - October 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS02913X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - November 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS03013X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - December 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS03113X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - February 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS03313X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - March 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS03413X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - April 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS03513X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - May 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS03613X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - June 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS03713X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - July 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS03813X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - August 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS03913X2010
Qore® Annual Subscription - September 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS04013X2011
Qore® Annual Subscription - October 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS04113X2011
Qore® Annual Subscription - November 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS04213X2011
Qore® Annual Subscription - December 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS04313X2011
Qore® Annual Subscription - January 2012 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS04413X2012
Qore® Annual Subscription - February 2012 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREIS04513X2012
Qore™ Episode 01: June 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0012008
Qore™ Episode 02: July 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0022008
Qore™ Episode 03: August 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0032008
Qore™ Episode 04: September 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0042008
Qore™ Episode 05: October 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0052008
Qore™ Episode 07: December 2008 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0072008
Qore™ Episode 11: April 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0112008
Qore™ Episode 14: July 2009 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0142009
Qore™ Episode 24: May 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0242009
Qore™ Episode 26: July 2010 DLC UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0262009
Qore® Episode 27: August 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0272010
Qore® Episode 28: September 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0282010
Qore® Episode 29: October 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0292010
Qore® Episode 30: November 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0302010
Qore® Episode 31: December 2010 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0312010
Qore® Episode 32: January 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0322011
Qore® Episode 33: February 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0332011
Qore® Episode 34: March 2011 DLC UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0342011
Qore® Episode 35: April 2011 DLC UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0352011
Qore® Episode 36: May 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0362011
Qore® Episode 37: June 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0372011
Qore® Episode 38: July 2011 DLC UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0382011
Qore® Episode 39: August 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0392011
Qore® Episode 40: September 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0402011
Qore® Episode 41: October 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0412011
Qore® Episode 42: November 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0422011
Qore® Episode 43: December 2011 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0432011
Qore® Episode 44: January 2012 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0442012
Qore® Episode 45: February 2012 DLC UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0452012
Qore® Episode 46: March 2012 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0462012
Qore® Episode 47: April 2012 Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QOREISSUE0472012
Lava Lamp Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-QORELAVALAMPCOLC
Red Faction® Guerilla™ Demo Demo UP9000-NPUA80191_00-REDFGDEMOFORQORE
Resistance® 3 Static Theme for download with Qore® Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-RESIST3THEME0001
Resistance 2™ Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-RESISTANCE2THEME
SOCOM: Confrontation Theme - Qore™ Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-SOCOMTHEMEQORE00
Twisted Metal® Theme for Qore® Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-TWISMETALTHEME01
UNCHARTED 3 theme for Qore® Unknown UP9000-NPUA80191_00-UNCHARTEDTHEME01
DC Comics: UNCHARTED 3 Theme Theme UP9000-NPUA80191_00-UNCHARTEDTHEME02
Valkyria Chronicles™ Demo Demo UP9000-NPUA80191_00-VACHRONFORQORE05